IT BEGAN with a kiss. Not a passionate embrace but a soft brush on the cheek.

The feeling of warmth and love from an old friend lingered on beyond the dream and well into the following days …

Like a little seed, the feeling grew and grew until I longed to be with my old friend. All the while, I thought to myself how sublime that Cupid should strike without even so much as the presence of one who I hadn’t heard from in years …

The phone call came three weeks later. He came round for a few beers and we shared stories. He’d sent me a distress flare of sorts three weeks earlier, he said. Yes, I definitely got the message, I said. And then the rest was history.


Copyright M K MacInnes 2018

The Eternal We

Bound in this perpetual motion of love, embracing each new common circumstance with the unconscious knowing of those who strive to carve out – befitting of each his purpose – that illusive destiny. Here, now, we find ourselves, you and I, each seeking to comprehend our part, grasp the ties that surely bind us, unravel the meaning of the wanton yearning that seeks to resolve itself to extinction. For other players crowd our weary stage and once again our spirits must partake of earthly knowledge not one of another, while savouring the tender possibility of what could pass but will never be. So for now be my long lost brother. Do nought that would engage the foolish beating of my heart. See, even now the embers they subside, the burning soothed into a bearable smoulder.

Copyright (c) 1998-99