Red Road


In the wake of the Grenfell tragedy in London, in which countless people died in the name of so-called austerity, I have given a lot of thought lately to whether I could return to living in a high rise. As for the infamous Red Road Flats, they were demolished to loud cheers a couple of years back.

* * * * * *

Red Road

Tall and gaunt,
Bleak and still,
These edifices of humanity.
As I look out of my cocoon,
I wonder what takes place
Behind these holes called windows.
What misery,
What joy,
What love
Goes on before my very nose.

And as I look out, I feel
That someone on the other side
Is sharing in my reverie.
Am I too being pondered?
Is someone out there watching me?

Copyright (c) M K MacInnes 1986-2017



Five curious students that should have known better perform a séance. It seemed like a good idea at the time …

“… I LOOKED for the tell-tale signs of white on the end of someone’s fingernails but there were none … [The glass] darted from letter to letter, spelling out words that did not make sense. [It] moved with such ferocity, that I could feel the centrifugal force of it being pulled from under my fingers. With each successive direction it took, it followed lines that were so straight, and ninety-degree turns so sharp, that none of us could have been the cause … When the speed reached a level at which none of us were able to keep up, we all broke contact at the same moment and screamed …”

Extract from ‘Weejie’ from Close Call: Short and Bittersweet by M K MacInnes. Available now as ebook and paperback on or

The Undertaking

The aftermath of a funeral is the setting for an encounter with the supernatural. Appearances can be deceiving …

“I had already returned to my home town by bus by the time the fancy Hearse arrived from Glasgow … In the first few moments of being introduced to the young undertaker and melting at the mild trace of a Slavic accent, I had decided I was head over heels. Smitten. Gaga. Arse over tit …”

Extract from ‘The Undertaking’ from Close Call: Short and Bittersweet by M K MacInnes. Available now as ebook and paperback on or