The stories

Roots 1919-1964

The Serpent and the Bicycle. In the wake of the Great War, a young Highland man experiences an inexplicable occurrence that leaves everyone with their heads scratching and his mother climbing the walls. It is an event that that will change the course of his life forever.

Chicken. The house has a little secret. What is Roddy not telling his wife?

As the Crow Flies. What has Iain been up to? The Old Man has his ways of getting to the truth of the sins of the son.

Innocent 1968

Terminus. The Abortion Act has not long been passed. An unmarried pregnant woman is railroaded into terminating her pregnancy due to mental illness. If her doctor has his way, she will be among the first in the Highlands …

Port Wine. Granny’s acting awfy suspicious-like. Why on earth would she want to harm her newborn grandchild?

Down the Rabbit Hole 1987-1988

Weejie. Five curious students that should have known better perform a séance. It seemed like a good idea at the time …

The Undertaking. The aftermath of a funeral is the setting for an encounter with the supernatural. Appearances can be deceiving …

The Performance. A heady cocktail of past lives and a vivid imagination.

La Paume des Dieux 1988-1989

Tailed. A zipped up the back young woman arrives in Paris late at night only to be confronted with her worst nightmare …

The Prince and the Sgitheanach. The evening started so well. Like a fairytale. But then …

The Nielsen Effect. There’s nothing holding the plane together and Leslie Nielsen is in the next seat. What now?

Full Circles 1935-2014

Jack Knife. A tale of angels and demons. Maybe …

Recto Verso. A daughter watches her mother slowly pass away. A woman loses her newborn child on the other side of the world. And this is supposed to have a happy ending?