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How to confound a serial killer …

A zipped up the back young woman arrives in Paris late at night only to be confronted with her worst nightmare …

“… I LAID it on thick with as much Teuchter bullshit as I could possibly muster. The Loch Ness Monster, wild haggis as an endangered species, haunted castles, anything I could think of to tie up his thought processes … If I could keep going, he might get bored and leave. I knew that he knew that I was talking out of my backside but I was having a great time, drunk on the idea that I was turning the tables on a would-be serial killer …”

Extract from ‘Tailed’ from Close Call: Short and Bittersweet by M K MacInnes. More info here.


THE Abortion Act has not long been passed. An unmarried pregnant woman is railroaded into terminating her pregnancy due to mental illness. If her doctor has his way, she will be among the first in the Highlands …

“ … THERE was no sense of dread, only a knowledge that she didn’t want to be here. Somewhere in the back of [the woman’s] mind flickered a notion that she was supposed to feel something, but she felt nothing. Instead, the last moments of her journey to oblivion were occupied by an image of bright white walls and lace curtains – and the clock that her GP had forgotten to put forward …”

extract from Close Call: Short and Bittersweet by M K MacInnes, available via Amazon 13 April 2015 More details here.

The Mystery of Identity

Welcome to my blog fellow writers and readers!

Identity intrigues me. How are identities formed? How much is innate? How much is nurture? How much is beyond these terms?

Identity is on my mind today because I met a man for the first time who is the son of one of my oldest male friends. He had contacted me a couple of years ago when he first learned his actual last name. He began researching on the Internet and discovered I had written an article about his father, a well-respected Canadian artist. He had never met the man. He had never seen his picture. All he had was information his mother passed on, in addition to my lifetime experience as one of his father’s closest friends. We had met in the fourth grade, and during a spin-the-bottle game at a party, we each for the first time kissed someone of the opposite sex.

What amazed me during our…

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The Serpent and the Bicycle

IN THE wake of the Great War, a young Skye man experiences an inexplicable occurrence that leaves everyone with their heads scratching and his mother climbing the walls. It is an event that that will change the course of his life forever.

“… NOT EVEN the sight of Beinn na Cailleach and the Coolin mountains in a cloudless sky could soothe [the young man’s] anxiety over what the future might hold. During his eleven-mile journey from his mother Marsali’s house in Heaste, he had already narrowly avoided being clipped by a motor car in Broadford … Now approaching the abandoned churchyard, he was greeted by the sight of Blaven towering over the softer rolling Kilbride terrain. Knowing full well how distracted he was, Roderick pedalled his bicycle slowly to avoid any further mishaps …”

extract from Close Call: Short and Bittersweet by M K MacInnes, available via Amazon 13 April 2015

More details here.