Red Road


In the wake of the Grenfell tragedy in London, in which countless people died in the name of so-called austerity, I have given a lot of thought lately to whether I could return to living in a high rise. As for the infamous Red Road Flats, they were demolished to loud cheers a couple of years back.

* * * * * *

Red Road

Tall and gaunt,
Bleak and still,
These edifices of humanity.
As I look out of my cocoon,
I wonder what takes place
Behind these holes called windows.
What misery,
What joy,
What love
Goes on before my very nose.

And as I look out, I feel
That someone on the other side
Is sharing in my reverie.
Am I too being pondered?
Is someone out there watching me?

Copyright (c) M K MacInnes 1986-2017

Who needs drugs?

Let’s go on a day trip.
To the country?
No, not exactly. We just nip to the place
where the very walls vibrate their way
from being oh-so-matter-of-factly Georgian
and into a realm of bristling auras and dizzy spells
and sages who know there’s a very fine line between heaven and hell.

The Beast lurks in every corner,
the carpet waxed while the moon is on the wane.
It’s hard to feel relaxed
when the Eye that Sees All is upon you
in the name of the infernal Pantheon,
who shall remain shameless
but who we all know and love
as they watch from above
the chess-ridden hall of nameless pawns
who were shot down in flames.

And the Book of the Dead teeters
on the brink of a shelf-ful of dust,
while Madam Blavatsky, screwed to the wall,
struggles to think.

Tales of alchemical lust in the back rooms linger ….
Here lies deceit – and exploded hearts,
every …
so often …
missing … …
a beat.

It’s not very hard in a place such as this,
to enter the twilight,
cross the veil into the Abyss,
beyond the pale
where devils kiss.


Copyright Morgan MacInnes (c) 2000

The Eternal We

Bound in this perpetual motion of love, embracing each new common circumstance with the unconscious knowing of those who strive to carve out – befitting of each his purpose – that illusive destiny. Here, now, we find ourselves, you and I, each seeking to comprehend our part, grasp the ties that surely bind us, unravel the meaning of the wanton yearning that seeks to resolve itself to extinction. For other players crowd our weary stage and once again our spirits must partake of earthly knowledge not one of another, while savouring the tender possibility of what could pass but will never be. So for now be my long lost brother. Do nought that would engage the foolish beating of my heart. See, even now the embers they subside, the burning soothed into a bearable smoulder.

Copyright (c) 1998-99

The Poet

I follow the path of poets of old.
Their voices beckon me into the fold,
Many cut short in the days of their prime,
but nevertheless remembered in rhyme.

For somehow in the throes of death,
They cry out with mortal breath
“O kindred spirits, living or departed,
carry on the work I started.”

For aspiring poets share a trait,
a common tendency to emulate
to the point of near obsession
those who leave the headiest impression.

Now inspired to the point of distraction,
I write of comrades wounded in action
of rescues effected in countless battles,
mothers and children herded like cattle.

I do not know from whence it comes,
the cries of the dying, the pounding drums.
These are the things that came from before,
days long since gone, ages of yore.

I have no desire to write of such things
as flowers and trees and tiny birds’ wings.
In poetry books they have their place,
but me I will write, by the gift of God’s grace,
of karmic desire and brave young men,
journeys beyond and back again.

Written during my Wilfred Owen phase!

Copyright (c) 1998-99

The Cairnpapple Mystery

Take me to Cairnpapple,
where the stars knowingly wink
and the sky drops little hints
of more universal love
than it knows with what to do,
where spy satellites blink –
in disbelief perhaps
of what they know is true.

I hear the earth moves at Cairnpapple,
trembling to her very core.
Some primal rhythm re-enacting
in divine blissful harmony.
Mother Earth’s ground
herself into a frenzy, crying out for more,
as once more golden dawn
penetrates her hallowed mound.

So little death at Cairnpapple …
Ripe within the heavy womb
of the sleeping goddess
the stirrings of a new world order,
her Moon reflected in a stray grey hare.
And the Reaper, standing by the ancient tomb,
smiles on with a wry knowingness
of a new vibration in the air.

Yes, take me to Cairnpapple,
where powerful waves wash o’er
this mind-blown microcosm.
Wild energies pulsate,
as all is satiated, drowned
beneath the windswept Tower,
and the World that was can pass away
and we are nowhere to be found.


Copyright (c) Morgan MacInnes 1998