The Eternal We

Bound in this perpetual motion of love,
embracing each new common circumstance
with the unconscious knowing of those who strive
to carve out – befitting of each his purpose –
that illusive destiny.

Here, now, we find ourselves, you and I,
each seeking to comprehend our part,
grasp the ties that surely bind us,
unravel the meaning of the wanton yearning
that seeks to resolve itself to extinction.

For other players crowd our weary stage
and once again our spirits must partake
of earthly knowledge not one of another,
while savouring the tender possibility
of what could pass but will never be.

So for now be my long lost brother.
Do nought that would engage
the foolish beating of my heart.
See, even now the embers they subside,
the burning soothed into a bearable smoulder.


Copyright (c) 1998-99


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